Employee Services

Employee benefit services for parent and child on the phone


Increase engagement with benefit education and support.

Employee Support
We take a full service, fully integrated approach to managing your benefit needs.
The C.A.R.E. Team
RBA has on-site customer service professionals fielding calls daily from employees inquiring about their benefits. We C.A.R.E. (Customer Assistance Relief Everyday)
Faster Resolution
Our professionals are familiar with the intricate details of our clients benefit plans and often resolve issues within the first call.
We're Here
Unlike our competitors who either direct employees to an insurance carrier call center or outsource customer service to a third party or remote call center.

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Open Enrollment

As consumers become increasingly responsible for managing the cost of healthcare they must become more engaged, yet behavior shows that they are slow to change.

According to recent research healthcare consumers are more engaged and thoughtful about buying a TV or booking travel than they are about making decisions concerning their own healthcare.

Dreading Your Next Open Enrollment?

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