Discover what
Relief is.

Relief is

  • A clearly defined benefits strategy with specific and measurable goals
  • Benefits that allow recruitment and retention of the best employees
  • Engaged employees that understand and appreciate their benefits program
  • A culture of health and wellness for your company
  • Data utilized to seek advantages and negotiate for the most competitive rates
  • Technology, systems and support to save time and increase efficiency
  • Compliance meeting regulatory standards and prepared for the inevitable DOL audit
  • A benefits program which year over year adds value to your company
  • A feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress

How Does Your Broker Measure Up?

Does your broker have the experience, knowledge, resources and tools to relieve you of the things that destroy your productivity, profitability and reputation?

Here’s a list of what you should ask your benefits broker. Or you can ask us for ours!

Compare our Services to What Your Broker is Providing

We assist our clients in controlling their medical plan costs, providing paperless and pain-free benefits administration, audit-proof compliance, comprehensive wellness programs, employee education and claims support.

We're a top national broker offering full-service and a fully integrated solution.


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Recognizing that every organization has different needs, we look forward to meeting with you to understand the specific challenges your organization faces. After exploring multiple funding and design strategies, we will present your administrative team with options and then develop a plan designed to provide you more control over your health insurance costs.

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With an onsite Actuary and access to medical intelligence through Verscend Population Health Analytics solutions and their 9.9m member database, you have an expert advocating on your behalf negotiating renewals, advising on reserves and providing insights on plan design, funding arrangement, and plan offering.

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The Affordable Care Act has created new incentives and builds on existing wellness program policies to promote employer wellness programs and encourage opportunities to support healthier workplaces. We will provide a significant level of synergy in the development and execution of your wellness program.

How successful have you been at controlling medical costs?