StormChaser: PFL Tidbits #2

 PFL Tidbits #2 Employers are questioning what wages they are to take Paid Family Leave contributions from.  I have reached out to the attorneys at the Worker’s Compensation Board and their response was “employers are to take PFL contributions from any “Wages” as defined under 12 CRR-NY.  We have provided the definition of wages under […]

StormChaser: Non-Profit PFL Exempt Employees

StormChaser: Non-Profit PFL Exempt Employees Non-profits may have some additional paperwork to complete if they want to cover teachers, executives, and professionals under NYS DBL and Paid Family Leave. Non-profits should first make the determination if they are or are not a religious, charitable, or educational organization. The definition of a religious, charitable or educational […]

Paid Family Leave Tidbits

Some Paid Family Leave Tidbits! I have received similar questions on some aspects of Paid Family Leave, to keep our clients as up to date as possible, the questions and answers (provided directly by the WCB) are below.