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Relph Benefit Advisors is an Alera Group Company, the 7th largest privately held employee benefits company in the nation. Alera Group is an independent national employee benefits, property and casualty, risk management and wealth management firm passionate about helping clients’ achieve exceptional outcomes.

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Providing Relief across New York State for more than 50 years

A history of innovative benefit plan designs, employee education, plan analytics, risk management and administrative solutions.

Cafeteria Plans
The Tax Reform Act of 1986 changed several of the existing rules in Internal Revenue Code Section 125 governing cafeteria plans. Flexible Benefits System, Inc., was created in 1987 and became one of the first Third-party Administrators in New York State.
Benefit Administration
Benefit Process Relief was created in 2001, relieving clients of the burdensome transactional components of benefit administration. The service has evolved and was renamed 1PointPlus, to include one dedicated point of contact, comprehensive compliance services, and COBRA administration.
Population Health Management
During the late 90s to early 2000s, healthcare spending skyrocketed. Convinced that employee health risks are directly correlated to health plan claims, RBA forged a unique relationship with Mayo Clinic Health Services in 2006, offering personalized online wellness programs to employees as well as population health improvement programs.
Data Mining & Analytical Services
In 2008, RBA invests in Verisk data analytic software. Previously only available to large and mega sized firms, this service demonstrated improved performance and reduced cost trends.
Wellness Services
To better gauge outcomes from employee wellness programs RBA launches Ignitehealth Wellness Management Services in 2012, providing best-in-class on-site biometric screening, health assessments, coaching and wellness programs across New York State.
Self-funding/Medical Captives
In 2014 The New York Six, a group of private universities forms the Health4Edu Captive with RBA, yielding significant savings and attracting new members.

Member of the Benefit Advisors Network

Relph Benefit Advisors is a member of the Benefit Advisors Network (BAN), a national, credentialed network of independent benefit advisory and consulting companies.As a group, we service over 10,000 employers and 8,500,000 employees, representing all major industries and have access to a wide range of legal, compliance and wellness/population health management expertise. BAN Membership is contingent upon meeting the utmost standards of industry knowledge, ethics and ability to lead and collaborate. By leveraging their best practice sharing, market clout leveraging, and shared capital for investments, we are able to bring our clients the best solutions to meet their needs at competitive prices.

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