10 Questions to Ask Your Benefits Broker

Benefits brokers meeting

10 Questions to Ask Your Benefits Broker

Does your broker have the experience, knowledge, resources and tools you need?

Here’s a list of what you should ask your benefits broker.

1. What percentage of your business is group health insurance?

2. What insurance companies do you represent and what will you do for us on renewal?

3. What type of customized, strategic planning services and methods for controlling healthcare costs do you offer your clients?

4. What type of actuarial or data analysis techniques do you use to manage and predict plan costs?

5. Which ancillary benefits will give me the biggest bang for my buck?

6. Will you conduct an employee open enrollment meeting to explain our plan to employees and answer their questions?

7. Will you help our employees with individual problems and answer their benefits questions?

8. What type of technology resources do you utilize to manage benefits administration?

9. How do you ensure that your clients are kept in compliance, and what resources are available to your clients directly?

10. What value added services do you offer beyond your firm’s internal expertise?

How successful have you been at controlling medical costs?